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You don't have to go it alone. 

Navigating your career as a leader brings a sea filled with invigorating wins, confidence-shaking losses, and just about everything in between. Professional athletes, the very best at their game, have a support system of coaches and trainers invested in one goal — helping them perform at their very highest potential. What if you had someone watching from the sidelines, helping you to see the next move, solve for your obstacles, and unleash your superpowers?

Let's invest in you, together.

Our Coaching Packages

Our coaching packages are completely customized and tailored for you, no matter where you're at in your career. Whether you're leading as a c-suite executive, entering into a people leadership role for the first time, running your own business, or not quite sure what to do next — we've got you.

See for yourself by scheduling a free 30-minute coaching consultation.

You are a driven executive in charge of leading transformational change across your organization. Your biggest opportunities involve developing your leadership team (leading leaders of leaders), creating and communicating your strategy, and increasing your team's skills or productivity, all while staying on budget. You are challenged with needing to influence your peers to gain buy-in on several large initiatives and may be struggling to navigate senior-level politics. You would love a coach who can provide a sounding board for your toughest leadership decisions, help you outline your own career path, and provide guidance on succession planning. 

The High-Achieving Executive

You are at a crossroads in your career. Maybe you aren't sure what your next move is you don't love what you're doing but you don't know where else to go yet. Maybe you have young children or aging parents and aren't as focused on climbing the career ladder right now. But, you'd like to continue to grow, learn new skills, and find fulfillment at your current stop on the career journey. You feel a little lost without all of the answers right now. You would love a coach who can help you explore your options, guide you through the uncertainty, and help you to be
self-assured in your choices.

The Pathfinder

New Leader
You've navigated the business world as an individual contributor, but now you have a team and are the direct manager of several people. You've never done this before. You are tasked with evaluating the talent on your team, building a strategy, motivating your team to execute, managing a budget, hiring, giving feedback, and conducting performance reviews. You're used to diving into complex situations and solving the problems yourself. You would love a coach who can help guide you through your new leadership role, proactively identify hurdles, and serve as a sounding board for your talent challenges.

The New Leader

Subject Matter Expert
You are recognized as an expert in your field. Maybe you are a medical professional, architect, engineer, attorney, or scientist. You are used to working fairly independently and have limited exposure to traditional business settings, particularly when it comes to leading teams. You are embarking on a journey that will require you to understand business practices in a new way. You may need help navigating the people side of leadership how to network, hire the right team, grow people, and guide them on their own career path. You would love a coach who came from a subject matter expert background to guide you on your journey to people leadership.

The Subject Matter Expert

Dream Chaser
You get to wake up every day doing work for a cause you care about. Maybe it's the dream you've had for years to start your own business. Maybe it's a non-profit with a mission you cherish.  You recognize that passion alone won't lead to a successful organization and you want help channelling that passion into success. You may need help identifying resources, finding peers, understanding business basics, or managing the ups and downs of the annual development cycle. You would love a coach who can help you tackle your business problems and solve them in an outside of the box way.

The Dream Chaser

On Call
Let's face it. Some days as a leader are going to be the most rewarding of your life. Other days are going to be downright excruciating. Want to have the option to pick up the phone and call a coach when you're having one of those days? Talk to us about coaching services for when you need a sounding board right now.

Coach On Call

Meet Kara

My passion for coaching comes from helping leaders determine the best path for their definition of success. Some may need help defining success, others need help achieving it. Our first session starts wherever you are at on your journey. My unique approach combines creative, thought-provoking coaching techniques with a diverse leadership perspective backed by personal experience. 

I specialize in helping you to plan your path, ensure self-accountability, and navigate challenges along the way.

I can't wait to cheer from the sidelines as you achieve your dreams. 


Check out my full bio here.

"Kara sees and believes in what I can achieve before I even realize what I am capable of myself, which is why I love working with her."

-Jackie, Healthcare Project Manager

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