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Our Purpose

Reimagining leadership in a way that's authentic, relatable, and empowers every person to reach their full potential.

We're not in Kansas anymore.

The way we work is changing. Self-driving cars, drone delivery - all of that futuristic stuff you remember from The Jetsons? It is finally here. Technology is doing the simple work for us. And that means the hard work - the work that truly differentiates companies - requires brave leaders, strategic creators, and master problem solvers.

When it's my way or the highway, the highway always wins.

Command and control? A thing of the past. Turns out people don't want to spend over 90,000 hours of their life working for someone they hate. They're figuring out the secret to work/life balance isn't really work and life - it is simply one life.

#1 Driver of Happiness at Work:

Employee Trust in their Company's Leadership

-MetLife Employee Benefit Trends Study 2019

Superpowers are our specialty.

Imagine working for a leader who makes you feel like all of the things you never thought possible are totally within reach. Who then creates the space for you to harness your capability. We call those skills superpowers.


Now imagine that leader is you.

Creating a Courage Culture

Join in a multi-session, immersive leadership experience featuring the research from Dr. Brené Brown's Dare to Lead. Learn about the four key skill sets of courageous leadership and become a Dare to Lead™ Trained leader.

Alated Offerings

We deliver a variety of  leadership training and coaching offerings, centered around three core guidelines: real stories, no textbooks, and true connection. 

Bold and Brave

Girls Program

Opportunity for girls ages

10 - 12  to explore trust and connection through a hands-on session with exercises specifically designed for a young audience. Sign-up individually or inquire about our customizable offerings for youth sports teams. 

Alated Events

Check out our Events page to get the latest on all of our upcoming gatherings, including a full listing of all workshops, conferences, networking opportunities, and special events.

Founding Partners


Katy Plummer &
Kara Hanak

Chief Inspiration Officer & Founding Partner

Over the past 20 years, Kara has specialized in transforming teams from out-of-tune garage bands into harmonious orchestras. Her ability to maximize a team's strengths has transcended across many industries and business units, having navigated through the finance, healthcare, and consulting fields while leading teams in product development, process improvement, operations, data and analytics, and technology. A couple of Kara’s biggest leadership successes include guiding a team of program managers to successfully launch over 100 innovation initiatives within three years, and leading a 120-person cross-functional team through successful integration of 1500 clients and over 34 million customers. Along the way, she has successfully coached and grown the skill level of her teams, peers, and leaders - from interns to executives. Her passion for leadership stems from her desire to identify and accelerate the growth of untapped talent, and a firm belief that people will forever be the #1 differentiator among organizations. 

Kara is a Brené Brown Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator and holds both a Master of Business Administration and Master of Information Management from Washington University in St. Louis. Kara is also co-author of the book, Hear Her Now, where she tells a story about her 40th birthday party, a giant unicorn, and her personal leadership philosophy which she terms, “the five ships”. When she’s not helping people become better than their best leader, you can find Kara playing unofficial team photographer at youth sporting events or crossing things off her ever-expanding bucket list.

Chief Connecter & Founding Partner

Katy met Kara more than five years ago, when Kara hired her to join an allstar team of project managers for her first full-time role out of college. A few years later, when Kara expressed interest in taking her passion for leadership coaching into a business of her own, Katy jumped at the idea and saw an opportunity to heavily influence the way leadership training is delivered. Katy is the queen of the coffee connection (or cocktail, whichever you prefer), and has spent many hours over 1:1 conversations soaking up all of the things she was told she needed to know, but that didn’t exist in formal training. She is deeply committed to sharing the superpowers she’s acquired through all of these conversations, and wants to turn the topics of those 1:1s into the norm for leadership training.


Katy’s cross-functional leadership experience spans across healthcare, finance, consumer packaged goods, and consulting. Her biggest successes include building a team to launch a new healthcare subsidiary from concept to market rollout in less than five months, and leading more than 20 technology teams at a major data company through an enterprise security transformation. She holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Missouri - St. Louis. When she’s not connecting over coffee, you can find Katy backpacking in an exotic destination or giving pets to her goldendoodle, Sophie.

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